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Duc Nguyen

Full-stack developer

6 years experience | 3 projects worked

Martin Harvey

Programing & Development

11 years experience | 3 projects worked

Fadila Ahmed

Content Writer

4 years experience | 1 project worked

Taiki Yamada

Graphic Designer

1 year experience | 1 project worked

How Does It Work?

All businesses in our marketplace need to meet several minimum requirements. First of all, they must be a PnaPna Marketplace user. We believe the customer should have access to every possible feature to keep you completely satisfied, all the time. No customer should have to go through a complicated experience creating a booking, or exchanging multiple emails and phone calls to make a simple change. With our advanced technology, we allow customers to book and manage their services at anytime, receive notifications and reminders about your service, leave feedback directly through their portal, and refer friends through a loyalty program. No more phone calls or in-home estimates! All it takes is 60 seconds to fill out the online form. Secondly, they must have a minimum requirement for completed bookings and their total number of reviews. This is to ensure that they are an operational company and are heading in the right direction.

You Set Your Calender

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  • Gain access to our marketing features helping you
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  • Run your business from anywhere in the world
    with mobile access.
  • Connect with MailChimp, Zapier, Stripe and
    your other favorite apps.
  • Use our free theme or use your own existing website.
All Features

(BETA) Through our marketing efforts, we help bring the clients to you. To learn more click here.

GPS & Clocking In/Out

You can track providers via GPS and providers can also clock in/out per each job allowing you to understand how long they’ve spent or travelled to a job.

Online booking forms

Sell clients online instantly using our highly converting booking forms, even when you are sleeping. Use it with our theme or install it on your existing website. Completely mobile friendly and optimized.

Website options

You can start your business in seconds using our website builder or place our forms on your already existing website. Using our website builder you can create a full out website with awesome features.

Easy customization

Super easy to set up your pricing, locations, forms, colors and branding. You will never have to hire a developer or spend time or money coding ever again.

Mobile Access

Manage your business from anywhere in the world using your phone, tablet or computer and allow customers to book through any device at anytime. Your providers can also manage their schedules on the go making their lives much easier.

Customer Dashboard

Customers get their own dashboard where they can control and view their appointments, refer friends, buy gift cards, and more.

Merchant Dashboard

As an admin you receive an account with full access where you can change/manage settings, add staff and control what they can see.

Provider/Team Dashboard

Your service providers will get their own account where they can see their upcoming bookings, view their payments and much more.

Flexible Pricing Options

Set your prices to fit your business, whether it’s based on quantity, parameters, hours, minutes, packages and many more different set up variations.

Credit Cards Or Cash/Check Payments

Accept different types of payments from you customers whether they are booking online or they are simply calling in to make an appointment.

Real Time Availability And Smart Scheduling

Allow customers to see real time availability based on working hours of your providers or teams and rules that determine if they are open or not. 100% accuracy, instant scheduling, and hassle free.

Accept/Decline Scheduling

Activate an Uber like feature, forcing providers/teams to accept/decline a job before it is confirmed.

Recurring Appointments

Accurate recurring scheduling/rescheduling and built in up-sells to turn more one-time clients into regular recurring appointments such as; built in discounts based on frequency, segregated email lists, automated promotional emails and more.

Calender & list view

View all your bookings in one place organized by different tabs (Upcoming Jobs, Today’s Jobs, Job History) and more. Made for quick growth.


Save jobs as drafts and come back to complete them later. If the time you selected is gone, you will be required to select a new date and time. Real accuracy for instant scheduling.

Same Day Scheduling

Allow customers to book same day bookings and charge additional fees for expedited service (optional).

Unassigned Bookings

Send invites to providers to pick up unassigned jobs. Your providers and teams can also grab unassigned jobs they are qualified for from their own dashboard if allowed.

Indviduals, Teams & Pairs

Allow bookings to be scheduled with individual providers, create your own teams, or pair 2 or 3 individuals together.

Not Available Scheduling

Schedule appointments based on not available providers and/or teams and mark them with a NA tag letting you know they usually don’t work those hours.


Easily pay out all service providers from inside the software with automatic payroll calculation.


Collect tips from customers to help your providers and teams earn more money.

Automatic Charges

Make charges, refunds and manage all of you customer payments in one spot. You may also activate a feature that charges a booking after it has been completed saving you time.

Expedited Charges

Charge expedited fees for same day appointments to bring in additional revenue.

Cancellation Fees

Set up cancellation fees based on services cancelled in order to stop short notice cancellations.

Advanced Cancellations

Add in mandatory reasons to choose from when cancelling so that you can run reports to determine why customers are cancelling.

Email Notifications

Activate email notifications to be sent to you, your customers, your providers and your office employees. You can design each email template yourself or use our default design.

SMS Notifications

Activate SMS notifications to be sent to you, your customers, your providers and your office employees. Each notification can be customized in seconds.

App Notifications

Activate APP notifications to be sent to your customers and your providers. Each notification can be customized in seconds.

System Alerts

Activate awesome system alerts to help you and your office employees get organized and be aware of upcoming tasks and activities.


Add coupons to increase your revenue with tons of features and restrictions. Later offer those coupons and allow customers to use them while booking online.

Cart Abandonment

When someone doesn’t finish checkout, you can launch an email sequence to them automatically and help recover a lost sale.


Give $50 – Get $50 built in referral system to help your company grow. Can be adjusted or disabled.

Gift Crads

Allow your customers to purchase gift cards with automatic balance tracking. Later customers can book with gift cards to help you bring in more sales. Can be disabled.

Live Chat

Allow the merchant and providers to interact from inside of their accounts through an internal live chat feature.

Rating System

Full rating system that tracks how your service providers are performing as well as your company. It can also be displayed to your customers to help increase conversions during booking.

Facebook Sharing

Activate a feature to help customers spread a word about you via Facebook in exchange for a coupon code. This feature is built to help you gain more clients for free.

System Logs

Powerful logging system that tracks all actions done by all users.


Built in reports to help you scale your company such as which services are sold most, why customers are cancelling, revenue brought in and many more.

Sales Tax

Charge sales tax per location, run reports based on sales tax collected and more.

Third Party Integrations

Connect with Zapier, Stripe, Google Analytics and many more of your favorite apps in seconds.

Multi Location & Time Zone

Set up different locations and schedules, set different prices per location, different sales tax, and much more. Our forms will determine pricing per zip code or per store if one is activated. You can also active a multi-time zone locations feature helping you manage bookings in that are in different time zones.

Automatic Reviews

Automatically get more reviews on your Yelp, Google, Facebook and other social pages. Also allow customers to share their reviews on Facebook and Twitter or even display them on your website.

Service area Vs Merchant Location

Enable appointments being performed at your location, your customers location or both. If you do appointments online, call the location online which will be automatically selected when booking.

Multi Industry

For example if you are a cleaning service and you offer: home cleaning, office cleaning, and post construction clean-up, you can set up 3 different industries with 3 different pricing points for customers to book from.


Form online checklists for your providers and teams to complete as they go and allow customers to view them only if completed.

Lead/Contact Form

Activate a quote form customized by you to help you sell more clients. You can use this with our theme or place the quote form on your existing site.

And more Coming Soon
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We’re not just an online booking software. PnaPna Marketplace is a platform that has everything you need to grow a service business, from software to a marketplace.

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