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CMS with onsite Payments

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3 APPs in One

Why pay for 3 applications like Hubspot/CMS Calendly/Scheduling appointment and Home Advisor/Customers leads when you can get all three free from just one app PnaPna.

Pro Control Panel

Perfect exclusive control panel where you can see all your daily leads, appointments, emails, SMS, and revenue collection with one sign in.

Exclusive zip code

Our pro account protects territory for you in your skill domain and no one else can get those leads for life but you. Grow with additional zip codes.

Perfect Dashboard

Everything that you need to see in one place, in one single sign-in. Your marketing campaigns, leads generated, appointments set up, job status, Geo-locations, Invoices, Work orders, Agreements, Payment collections, Your employee performance and full HR.

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Exclusive Territory

No more franchies fees. You reap the benefits of your efforts locally. No expensive software to buy or modify. Your complete IT department in a box. Your data stays with you not with your competitors sniffing around in public clouds. Quick on boarding gets you up to the speed in minutes.

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Cost Effective

You pay for only the resources You use, and nothing more. Our Competitors Zen Maid charges $240.00 per month for the less features and services for we charge $60 per month and Maid central charges $450.00 per month. Give us a try!. We do not ask for credit card details. Even when you have paid, we still give you additional 60 days for return of your fees. No questions asked.

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If you need more revenue, PnaPna is the answer!

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Free Plan

No Zip codes assigned

  • 3 Projects
  • One time set up fee $99.00
  • Pay $4.99 per lead
  • $19.00 Per month for website
  • One user
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Startup Plan

One Exclusive Zip code

3 payments of $199/ each
  • Or one payment of $499.00
  • No set up fee
  • All free leads
  • $9.00 per month for website
  • Unlimited Users
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